1.  Child Life Magazine: August 1946. Nice condition, with the tiniest corner chip. Note the cover photo: the 1946 classic “Farm Stories” by the Jacksons and Gustaf Tenggren  prominently displayed in the wagon. Contents include text and pictures  by Nora Unwin, Le Grand, Nils Hogner, Elizabeth Yates, Francis Frost, among others. $20.

3.  Macmillan Books For Boys and Girls. 1941. 36 pages. 7 1/2 x 7 1/2 inches). An illustration for each featured book. A rare trade catalog from the golden age of children’s book. Features listings for newly released books by the Petershams, Dorothy Lothrop, The Haders, and others. Cover by the Petershams. $75.

5. Coloring Book issued by the Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine from 1969. With crayon box + crayons still inside. Unused. Nice overall condition, except for sunned area on top and right on front cover. $20.

2. Children’s Book Parade. 1946. A catalog of new children’s releases from the H. R. Huntting Company, Springfield, MA. Nice shape, complete with “order form” insert. 32 pages + covers. Many, many book cover illustrations! Scarce..$50.

11. Kellogg’s Story Book of Games. Complete Set 1-4, with attached spinners on each. In VG shape from 1931. Includes a who’s who of vintage characters: Cinderella, Little Black Sambo, Three Little Pigs, Hansel & Gretel,  Rumpelstiltskin, Hop O’ My Thumb, The Three Bears, Sleeping Beauty, Jack the Giant Killer, Little Red Riding Hood,  Rapunzelle, and others. $150 for all four.

6. Doubleday Doran Books Jr. 1942 Book Catalog. Slight soiling but very tight and together. 48 pages, chock full of pictures and listings, including and index. Includes the D’Aulaires, Marguerite de Angeli, Charlotte Steiner, Marjorie Flack, Sanford Tousey, Kurt Wiese, Paul Brown, among others.  Impossible to find. $75.

Picture Book Cottage ~ Children’s Book Catalog Number 2: Odds and Ends ~ Page 1

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7. The Variety Theatre 1968. (Puppet Book #5) Murray Sales. UK.  In beautiful condition. Contains “13 Working Puppets, 2 Changes of Scene”. “The book that comes to life!”  $75.

8. The Busy Bee Treasure Hunt by the Editors of Child Life. Garden City Books. Soft cover. 160 pages. Contains: paper dolls, connect-the-dots, games, rebuses, and more. In great, unused shape. $25.

9. Raggedy Ann Helps Grandpa Hoppergrass by Johnny Gruelle, illustrated by Mary and Wallace Stover. 1946. Perks Publishing. Soft cover. Great shape. $30.

10.  Easy Bozo the Clown Circus Press-Out Book. 1966. Whitman. Great unused condition.  Everything you need to set up your own private Bozo circus.   $70.

13. Child Life Magazine March 1938.  Nice shape. Contributors Marjorie Barrows, Keith Ward, Dorothy Henderson, Sanford Tousey, paper dolls by Marguerite Davis, Dorothea J. Snow et al. $20.

12. Dial-A-Tale Story Book: Betty and Bobby on Vacation by William V. Sines, pictures by Stuart Bradford and Rodolphe La Riviere. 1957.  Lee-Bert, Inc. Comb-bound with board covers with moveable dial still attached. Mild cover wear.  $50.

18. Fine Books For Children From Holiday House, Fall 1937. Small (6” x 4 1/2”) ultra-rare children’s soft cover book catalog. 30 pages. $75.

17. Three Playskool  Puzzles. 80-9A, 80-90 and 80-9C. $30 for all three. Richard Scarry?

19. Tumblin Tim and Flying Flo. Book No. 2. by Carlyle Emery. Illustrated by Patricia Valleau. 1946. Acrobat Shoe Company. 20 page soft cover. $25.

Text Box: 4. Doctor Dolittle Press-Out Book. 1967. Whitman. Unused press-out book. Great

14. Raggedy Ann and Andy Visit the Kingdom of “Every Wish”. 1974. Hallmark. Unusual. Contains 14-page story-booklet, 45 rpm record, and pop-ups. In great shape. $45.

15. Raggedy Ann and Andy Meet Dizzy Izzy and the Witch. 1974. Hallmark. Unusual. Contains 14-page story-booklet, 45 rpm record, and pop-ups. In great shape. $45.

16. Tiny Farm Press-Out Book.  Whitman. Unused, nice and clean. Always wanted your own farm? $40.

20. Hey Diddle Diddle by Geraldine Clyne. Soft cover opens to a pop-up, with the descriptive poem. Nice shape. 1953 McLoughlin Bros. $20.

22. How To Make ‘Em Book: The New Erector. A. C. Gilbert Co. 1933. A manual designed to  show range of  items the Erector set was capable of building. 68 pages. Complete and clean, with creased corners. $50.

23. Mother Goose with pictures by Vernon Grant. 1933 Kellogg Company. Tears, chips and stains, but complete. $25.

25. Child Life Magazine May 1939. Light wear. Contributors include Margaret Friskey, Kurt Wiese, among others. $20.

24. House Full of Prayers, illustrated by Vera Kennedy Gohman. 1952. Standard Publishing  Company. A comb-bound soft cover with a die-cut board cover, and lots of flaps inside. Gift note on inside board. $25.

26. Doll’s House. Bancroft & Co.  Spiral-bound pop-up book, opens 360 degrees to display four dioramas making a doll’s house. Great shape. $75.   

27. My Flower Garden Book. Vaughan’s Seeds. Each page is die-cut with a boy and a girl and their garden of different flowers. At the end of the book is a packet of Marigold seeds, still attached, on a page of unused press-out animals. Great shape. $100.

31. Mother Goose Land: A Read and Play Story With 4 Stand-Up Scenes. Hallmark.  Illustrated by Vivian Smith. Probably from early ‘70s. Spiral-bound soft cover with four pop-up scenes. Book opens 360 degrees to display all four scenes. $75.

21. Why Peter Rabbit’s Ears Are Long and Three Other Stories by Thornton Burgess. Drawings by Mary and Wallace Stover. A Mary Perks Book. Soft cover. Nice condition. $20.

28. Color Parade. 1964. Whitman. Small unused soft cover coloring book. Like new. $10.

29. Save With the Duckbill Family. 1952. Yonkers Savings Bank. A metal coil-bound board book with circular slots throughout for saving coins. Uncommon and unusual. $75.

30. Noah’s Ark by Jo Spier. 1955. John C. Winston Co. A Golden Book-sized book with grooves on the cover which constitute a record. Nice shape. Illustrated by Peter Spier’s father, Jo. $20.

32. Tiny Shopping Center Press-Out. 1976. Whitman. Oversize unused   punch-out soft cover. $30.

33. Would You Like to Know Peter? By Mary Windsor. Pictures by Roy Best. 1935. Whitman. A small metal wire-bound book in pretty nice shape, but with a couple of scratches on the back cover. $30.

34. Two Picture Puzzles: Dual Purpose (Can be worked by two persons at same time). Like new hard bound folder that opens to reveal two separate puzzles. In great shape. Very unusual. $35.

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